One cancelled flight = 2 extra nights in the city that never sleeps. Four Broadway shows and a ten course meal at the James Beard House. What could be better? Delta’s message that I’ve been upgraded on my flight home. Will be blogging soon.


I love cheese. Let me restate that. I love good cheese, fresh cheese. So I don’t need a lot of cheese or a lot of different cheese on my pizza.

Recently heard a TV ad for Papa Johns’ six cheese pizza. Six Cheeses? I don’t think I can name six cheeses. Six cheeses because five cheeses just wasn’t enough. One less cheese per pie, a little less cheese on all the pies, you’ve just paid for employees health insurance. Your workers get benefits and we don’t get diabetes. It’s one of them win wins.

I was so shocked to hear 6 cheeses that I almost missed hearing the pie had double bacon. Is he trying to kill us?  I admit I haven’t tasted the pizza, I couldn’t get a note from my cardiologist. Anyway my point is, if you have to put six cheeses on a pizza in order to sell it, maybe you shouldn’t be making pizza.

Funny motivational speaker speaks on pizza

This is a photo of what is to me, the perfect slice.

This is a slice from my pie at Antico, Atlanta Georgia. First of all the dough is first rate and could stand alone baked with some olive oil. Which they put on the pizza. I like sauce and this slice has a healthy amount of San Marzano tomato sauce. The cheese is minimal but very flavorful, a fresh Bufala, a mozzarella cheese made from the milk of domesticated water buffalo. Who knew?Then the pie is topped with fresh garlic and basil that gets seared by the nearly 1,000 degree oven.  The pie is out of the oven in 90 seconds.

Only problem with this slice was it was the only one like it on the pie. Some slices had almost no cheese and others no basil.  I still have to give Antico a nod for the best if not most consistent wood-fired pizza in Atlanta. Some people call me a perfectionist, I just like things done the right way, and by the right way I mean my way.

Funny speaker Vinny Verelli
The Classic Margherita

In Your Facebook

Funny speaker, Vinny Verelli Vents on the social networking craze.  This video was recorded on Aug 20 at the NSA Georgia yearend gala.

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Today people use the term martini to cover any drink that is served in a cocktail glass. But does anyone even know what a Martini is?  Watch this video and you get a real education.

If you want to drink chilled vodka with olive juice knock yourself out…

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In this economy you can’t afford to give bad customer service.  Bad customer service is the quickest way to loose a customer and the easiest thing to fix.  Here’s an example. Pay no attention to the dark circles under my eyes.

Funny Motivational Speaker Vinny Verelli
Funny Keynotes and Hilarious Conference Summaries.

Vinny vents on the mega motivational phenomenon, The Secret at the Glazer-Kennedy SuperConference in Nashville.

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Also attending this incredible marketing conference was Super Star, Gene Simmons.

I’ve met some pretty famous people before, but Simmons is one of the nicest.  He spent time after his presentations speaking with people and taking photos and showing no signs of irritation. 

He also gave me an autographed copy of his book. I could probably get 20 bucks for it on ebay.


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